Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall in Wisconsin can teach us a hell of a lesson

Forget summer with all of the bugs and the sunburn.  The best part about Wisconsin is the fall.  And yes, the winters are often pretty unfortunate, but there would be no fall if the world wasn't preparing for winter so that makes it worth it.

There are so many great things about fall (ref: post about caramel apples), but as we were walking outside today for an unseasonably warm and perfect fall day, it occurred to me why I like the colorful trees so much.  The obvious reason why everyone likes the fall colors is it is beautiful to watch the green trees turn into an array of bright colors.  The even better part of that story, is that those are the trees' true colors.

The real story, is that the trees are stuck being green all of the time but during fall, their authentic true colors come out.  And we all love to see their real and unique color patterns.  What a nice lesson for our own loves taught in nature.  It is a poetic reminder about how much better we can be when we settle into our own true selves, being authentic and comfortable with our colors.

Until next year, when the trees all turn into conformist assholes wearing green next spring.  I'm just kidding - without the summer of green, the colors of fall would lose their allure.  Without dark, we wouldn't appreciate the light.

How leaves show their true colors - a science lesson

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