Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why I love weddings, and all of the details you should remember to pay attention to...

Over the years, weddings have become one of my favorite activities.  I think they hold so many amazing treasures that can go unnoticed if you are too busy being worried about the gift, who is going to be there, or how soon the bar opens.  I always enjoy a wedding, but I really revel in one that is well done.  I would be a wedding crasher if it was more socially acceptable and I had free time.  And don't get me wrong, I have crashed a wedding.  It is just a time consuming hobby.

Here are my favorite ways to enjoy a wedding, so you can find the treasures too.

The invitation: I know that common logic says it is something made out of paper that people throw away, but the invitation is one of my favorite parts of a wedding.  It tells you so much about the event, such as what color dress NOT to wear, how fancy the event might be, and the personality of the décor.  I like to see how accurately I can dream up the wedding in my head, and see how close I was when I get there.

The venue:  I know it doesn't always work out this way, but I love venues that are so characteristic of the couple that you know that they were meant to be in that space.  I would have every party I ever hosted where we had our wedding (Cuvee Champagne Lounge and Iron Horse Hotel) for the rest of our lives if I could.  I just saw a wedding photo of a friend at the Milwaukee Historical Society, and I thought that was the most perfectly matched wedding venue for that couple ever.  Magic.

The look:  Everyone always looks back at the bride when she first comes out, but try and refrain.  You have plenty of time to see what she looks like all night, but you only get one shot to watch the groom's face and see the look on his face when he sees the bride for the first time.  It is usually a mix of trying-not-to-puke, relief she showed up, approval that his almost-wife looks hot, and pure happiness that he has a best friend to stand with him at the front.

The ring: At the reception, my favorite thing to watch is the groom while he fiddles constantly with this strange new piece of metal on his hand.  While women do this when they first get engaged and the ring on their finger feels new and strange, this goes away by the wedding.  Grooms always walk around greeting people and having a great time, but all while toying with that ring partially as an unfamiliar thing and partially as a reminder that they should be enjoying this totally strange and wonderful day.

These are the things that I enjoy, but weddings are also a nice reminder of my own marriage and the awesome team that I get to be half of.  I was at a wedding when I told my husband, "Yep, I think I am ready to marry you now" after a very heartwarming performance on his part as the best man.  I have enjoyed watching so many of my friends exchange the "thank God we are in this together" look as they are sharing vows, while I give/get the "thank God we are in this together" hand squeeze from the hubs next to me.

My best advice to anyone getting married is to take just five minutes during your reception where it is just you and your spouse, and sneak over to the side of the room with just the two of you.  Take those five minutes to just be together, look around and take in the scene, and watch what a fun time everyone that you care about in the world is having around you.  Someone gave that advice to us at our wedding, and the moment we took was one of my favorite memories.  Eventually someone will come up to talk to you and the moment will pass, but it is a worthy memory.

My best advice to anyone attending weddings who is not married and is reading this singing "Love Stinks" like in the Wedding Singer in their head, is to enjoy the details and just watch for signs that encourage you that love exists.  Just watching my friends set a good example is encouraging.

Thanks for the memories!


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