Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If cheese is wrong, I don't want to be right. (A public service announcement)

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I don't think I feel this way just because I am from Wisconsin (that would be so cliché).  I think I feel this way because cheese is made with magic.  I work for a grocery company, and today I spent time discussing delicious cheeses and just how much gouda one can sell in a weekend.  This must be how my friend Rick, a cheese sales guy, feels.  Elated to be surrounded by cheese.

Here are a few things you maybe didn't know about cheese, that you should.  You're welcome:

New Juusto cheese with Nueske's bacon:  Best served warm, with crumbles of the best bacon ever.  I discovered this today, and feel more whole as a human being as a result.

Raclette: This is a type of cheese, and an actual dish made with melted cheese and a raclette grill.  I have one, but need more friends besides myself to fire up a cheesy grill.  This would be the equivalent of me eating a whole pot of fondue by myself.  Totally possible, but my stomach would surely revolt.

Mac and Cheese secrets:  For a good macaroni and cheese recipe, you'll need a good béchamel sauce, breadcrumbs, and don't overcook the noodles.  Also, mustard is a secret delish ingredient.

Don't try these all at once, unless you want to risk your intestines imploding.  I am starting to wonder if I am lactose intolerant as I type this...

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