Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why Nicolas Cage makes the best pranks...

I am not sure where the trend started on the internet, but there is definitely an underground population of funny people that know that using pictures of Nicolas Cage is one of the funniest and creepiest pranks one can pull off.  I find it is important to bring light to this lovely idea, as a service to society.

Other fun Nicolas Cage activities for daily life:
  • Tape Mr. Cage faces on your friends' magazine covers when you visit their house.  This is particularly comical if they subscribe to O Magazine.
  • During work meetings, start your day off with an icebreaker where everyone names their favorite Nicolas Cage movie.  I am willing to be National Treasure and The Family Man will be frequent mentions.
  • Quote movie lines (ahem, movie quotenese) only from Nicolas Cage movies and then immediately mention the name of the movie you are quoting to the unsuspecting person next to you.  To the guy at work whose first name only you know, say "The last time this document was here, it was being signed. [Chuckle, chuckle] That's from National Treasure."
In the meantime, enjoy these well designed Nick Cage Girl Scout cookies:


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