Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giving gifts is even more fun than getting them.

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I love giving gifts!  Love, love, love it.  I made some fun DIY hot cocoa gifts to give to a few people I thought I should have to give little treats to, and my strategy was all wrong.

In a game time decision, I decided to give them to the people who might least expect it.  The nice man at the parking ramp booth that always (ALWAYS) takes the time to wave, smile, and mouth the words "have a good night" seemed surprised when I handed him a hot chocolate kit.  He is one of the highlights of each day, so he deserves it.

I don't care if I can't find a pan for baking, I will find a way to make cookies for the nice security people at the front desk at work that say hello and know my name, even amongst the 600 or more people that work in my building.  They rock.

I overheard a story from a lady that works for Fed Ex who has frequently left her personal cell phone number to customers who were supposed to receive and sign for a package but weren't home and she knew they really needed the package.  Because these were people she knew from her regular route, she would swing back and deliver the package after hours.  I mean honestly, who does that any more?  The lady she was telling this story to asks if any of the customers had ever commended her for going above and beyond, or really went out of their way to thank her.  She stated in an upbeat manner, "Well, not yet."

I can't wait to give out my remaining six hot chocolate gifts to some unsuspecting recipients.  This is way more fun than sticking to the expected...

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