Friday, December 20, 2013

Adventures of Santa Chicken

While rubber chickens are a staple prank item year-round for me, Santa Chicken makes some special appearances this time of year. I am glad the hubs had the vision of how much fun I would have with this when he found Santa Chicken.

For the last two weeks, Santa Chicken has been on adventures all over bringing holiday cheer. It is important to note that Santa Chicken has a theme song; sing "Santa Chicken" in place of "Santa Baby" and customize the verses to whatever Santa Chicken is doing and you have yourself a theme song for every adventure.

Enjoy some holiday tomfoolery!

Santa Chicken thinks this commute is for the birds:

Santa Chicken shows some pivot tables who is boss in Excel.

Santa Chicken waits to surprise a co-worker, hehe!

Santa Chicken strolls through Target to check the egg quality but steers clear of the frozen meat aisle.

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