Monday, October 28, 2013

Try not to compare yourself to people on the internet.

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That is the funny thing about Facebook, and the internet, and magazines, and television; you only see the cover page.  Admit it, we have all done it.  We have trolled through Facebook pages of old classmates, exes' new partners, people we work with, and looked all over the media to follow celebrities.  Honestly, this is the only explanation for the fact that the Kardashians are famous.  Comparison and awe of others.

The problem with media sources is that they only show you the best pictures (um, usually), the best angle, how you have a lot of friends, and how you are successful in your job.  Celebrities and models have makeup artists, stylists, airbrushing, and they haven't eaten carbohydrates since 1999.  It is not a fair comparison.  And we can all agree that comparing apples and oranges doesn't usually add up, right?

I have always believed that the universe evens out the score across people.  For example, a beautiful person might be a really terrible dancer, or a very intelligent person might not have any social skills.  Some of those things we can see and some things we cannot see.

So if this theory is true, it would be wildly unfair for you to compare yourself to just the pictures and accomplishments, right?  Don't worry yourself with someone who lost weight and got hot, who finished more schooling, or who is having kids when you are not.  If we focus on being the best version of ourselves and not the best version of somebody else, we will certainly feel more successful.  Plus, that person that you are comparing yourself to based on their career growth might have a whole other element to their life that you don't see, and more importantly, don't want.

The bottom line is that we cannot control what others do, but we can control what we do.  Instead of comparison to others, make your litmus test based on yourself, your goals, and your life choices.  If you fall short, you control the equation.  And I am sure you would be amazed at what other people compare about themselves to your success.  Stop beating yourself up because your ass is bigger than that other girl's, because she might have ugly feet and not be able to wear sandals...ever.  Once we can stop comparison to others, we have more space for gratitude for the things that we do have in our lives.


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