Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Awkward is one of my super powers.

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I can't be totally sure why, but for some reason I continue to get more awkward with age.  Perhaps it is because over the course of time I got more comfortable with who I am as a person.  A weird, silly person who likes to find joy and wear bright colors.  And the more I am myself, the less makes it through translation to the general population.  And just how did I get this way?

I think that I was lucky enough to come across a few key people in my life who told my by their friendship, their actions, or their support that it was okay to be myself, whatever that might be.  What a nice treasure to have, and most certainly one that I did not know the value of at the time.

I spent many of my younger years with a lot of those crazy theater people, and I love every one of them.  There is something special about the creative theater folk, as in that they often have a creativity and a confidence in who they are.  How wonderful to be surrounded by those crazy, interesting people.

In my twenties I had a few friends who were very comfortable in being their own weird selves, and appreciated me as my own self as well.  Eventually, I figured, I could be fine being weird too.

And so, I just decided to wear a lot of polka dots and hide rubber chickens and eat caramel apples and speak in movie quotenese.  It is okay if not everyone gets it.  Most people don't like sushi or red wine the first time they try it, but they get better with age.  Okay, well maybe that's not true for sushi.

Comfort with myself + enjoying weird things = Awkward girl
Awkward girl - my superhero name.

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