Saturday, September 28, 2013

Race Day part II: "I really rocked that half-mile when Ke$ha was playing..."

Race day is here, and we rocked it.  It was good weather, a good pace (this is a relative statement), and good tunes.  It is always a motivating and humbling experience to run a race as a normal person.  It is incredible to see all of the real runners who ran a half-marathon in less time than I ran 6 miles, and I am also amazed at the number of people who are less prepared to run a 10-K than I am.  Both are helpful motivators. 

I am a slow runner, so I always pick a few people out of the crowd that I am running near and race them.  Good news, I beat all of my fake competitors.  I was not so lucky at the last Brewers' race that I ran where I was actually beat by a real racing sausage, the Hot Dog.  Today was a nice day and a great route to run - we ran through Miller Valley and Miller Park, which is a route that you normally don't get to run and certainly not without traffic.

Let's talk about race day "Do's and Don'ts" based on my observations today.  Do wear exciting colors, people are mostly drawn to neon yellow (the kind that the cows, my running buddies, like).  Do have funny signs if you are in the crowd cheering people on, we love that.  Don't have three different flavors or Gatorade strapped around your belt for a six mile run, you'll just have to pee.  I wanted to do a top ten cool running shoes blog, but the hubs convinced me that it was creepy to walk around and ask people if I could take a picture of their shoes.

The best moment(s) of the run was first when the hubs started running really fast, and I was like, "WTF?" and ran to keep up.  This phenomenon was explained later with the quote, "I really rocked that half-mile when Ke$ha was playing."  It all began to make sense.

All in all, a worthy project for us to train and run the race. Now let's eat some of that leftover spaghetti.

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