Friday, September 27, 2013

Race Day part I: Pasta for me, the hubs, and 30 of our closest friends.

Race Day eve is here, and it already has been entertaining.

In preparation for the hubs and I running the Brewers' 10-K tomorrow, we are doing the standard pre-game routine: Pick up the race packets, eat our body weight in pasta, and finalize outfits and playlists.  I asked my husband if he picked out what he was wearing, and we was like, "Um, shorts? And a t-shirt?"  Bo-ring.
I go to pick up the packets, and make a few key observations.  First, if the lack of traffic control at packet pick-up is any indicator for the race, I am a little concerned.  Second, I got to drive behind this guy, who I could safely assume was going where I was going:
The walk to the packet pick-up was oddly long.  As I was walking I thought, well, it is for a half-marathon race so what is an extra half mile?  Well played, Brewers, well played.  While I was walking this guy totally speeds past me...walking.  Good thing that I am just running for fun because he can walk faster than I run.
When I got home, the hubs had made enough pasta to feed ourselves and 30 of our closest friends.  Except, it's just us.  It was delicious, and I can't wait to eat it through next Thursday.  Finally, I check the weather to make a final decision on the race day outfit, and spruce up my playlist.  Bright colors (obvi), and some bitchin' new dubstep.  At least I will look legit right up until I start running, and take a pasta-coma nap after 4 miles.
Wish us luck!

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