Monday, August 5, 2013

Thanks, past self, you did me a solid.

Buy new clothes? Check.
Take a leap of faith? (Well, educated faith)... Check.
Take an active role in deciding my path? Double check.

Yes, I started a new job today.  What a full spectrum of emotions it has been ending one chapter of my old job, and starting an entirely new book in a new one that enters in adventure and excitement.  I can already tell that I am going to spend a lot of time "where the magic happens":

And here lies the thing that my future self will thank me for: The push.  I am reminded that I function at my best when I push myself outside of my comfort zone, when I challenge myself, and when I realize my full potential.  There are a few times in my life that serve as reminders that I thrive on the extra push, like finishing my graduate degree, or running a half-marathon on sausage legs.

Here is the piece that makes is even sweeter: It is not about the finish, it is about the journey.  I wasn't really that proud that I ran a half-marathon that day, but I realized that the real accomplishment was the fact that I hauled my cookies out to the road day in and day out for a lot of miles during the training.

Today may be a little weird, but I can't wait to see my future self say, "well played, past self, well played."  I will thank myself for the push, and for the journey.

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