Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just try to turn your day around. The worst that can happen is that you make someone else's.

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Sooo, I wake up an hour and a half late, because I just simply did not set my alarm clock.  Awesome.  I haul my cookies out to work, and find small ways to sabotage my day such as getting stuck on a door handle and spilling coffee all over.  And all before 8:00 a.m.  Ok, world, slow your roll.

At any rate, I eventually decided that the day was handing me total crap and I wasn't going to accept it any more.  The best way I find to do this is by doing nice things for other people.  It is so much more joyful to do nice things for other people - you get a lot out of it and of course, they do too.

If you are in a funk, try some of these nice things and you'll feel better in a hurry:

If you want to donate to a really good cause:
Are you a Milwaukee local?  Donate to the 88Nine Sound Foundation, supporting the local, independent radio station that is quintessential Milwaukee.  Here's why this is TOTALLY worth it: An anonymous donor will match your donation right now 3 to 1, and 4 to 1 if you have never donated before.  That means your $50 would be $250 if you were a first time donor. Click HERE to check out 88Nine.
Nationwide? Find someone that you can make a difference for.  Like, say, Bode, the 6-year-old nephew of my friends who continues to battle a rare form of cancer for the second time.
Click HERE to make a difference for Bode.
Bode and Uncle Ryan, Via
If you want to make someone feel special and supported:
Cheer on the other people working hard in your group fitness class.  I started cheering people at the end of their sprints today in an interval class, and no one was catching on. But then, the people who got cheered, started cheering for others.  I almost forgot that I was doing sprints and wanted to die.  Almost.

Tell a co-worker that they look really nice in the color they were wearing.  The caveat here is that it must be true and genuine, as well as I do not encourage you to be creepy or do anything that may be misconstrued for harassment in the workplace.

If you want to start something bigger:
Pay it forward.  Find a way to do nice things for other people, and encourage them to pay it forward.  You could write someone an unexpected and genuine thank you card, and then ask them to write a thank you card for someone else to pay it forward, and so on.  Warm fuzzies until the end of time!

If you want to go smaller, but for every day:
Make eye contact and take time to genuinely smile at everyone you encounter.  The guy that holds the door for you, the lady at the checkout, and every other person we tend to take for granted and not "see."

If all of these things fail, eat a cupcake.  That may work too.  But try the other things first, because they don't make you chubby.  Trust that I have done the leg work on both methods.

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