Thursday, August 22, 2013

I do rock a lot of polka dots. Unapologetically.

Polka dots bring people joy, and if you haven't ever thought about it, you haven't been paying close enough attention.  I rock a LOT of polka dots, because they make me happy.  It's kind of my signature print, with a close second in stripes (I don't care if they make me look wide, they make me feel happy).  I didn't even own a pair of black pants until about three weeks ago.

Polka dots are one of the many things that I do, no matter what, no apologies.  I liked cider before it was cool, and glad I stuck with it because now I look like a visionary.  I would nap every day if it was socially acceptable for 30 year olds.  I like to buy CDs still because I like to read the booklet (even if they rarely put the lyrics in any more).  I hate furniture stores (which you know), mini-vans that are driving crazy, and when the worms come out on the sidewalk when it rains.

I'm only sharing these things because there is so much feedback, criticism or judgment in the world if you are tuned in to it.  And you should have awareness, to a point.  However, if you took it all in and changed as a result, you are running the risk of losing all of the things that make you your true self.  Focus on being authentic and comfortable in your skin, and you will be able to sell it.  And then, your toughest decisions during the day are choosing between dots and stripes.

Rock a lot of polka dots, ok?

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