Saturday, July 13, 2013

Weekenders: Summer weekend bucket list

Everybody is working for the weekend, particularly the sunny, summer ones that are currently upon us.  Here are my very best ideas for a summer weekend bucket list.
  • Brunch: Don't go too early, because it is the weekend and going early would just qualify it as breakfast.  Make sure there is good coffee and plenty of time to sit, hopefully on a patio with bistro chairs.  Le Reve, Café Benelux, and Blue's Egg are my favorites, but here is a full list.
  • Farmers' market: I like to buy vegetables that I never make at home normally so that I am forced to do something with them.  Like, beets.  Find one around Milwaukee here.
  • State parks: Wisconsin state parks and trails are awesome, as all of you granola-munchers out there can confirm.  Check out some ideas from this recent Milwaukee Magazine article - Best Trails.
  • Camp fires:  I prefer to make fancy s'mores, like strawberry and banana, nutella, or peanut butter chocolate.  Make sure you get those giant marshmallows that are better served on a double graham cracker.  Patience is a virtue for those monsters.
  • Pools and boats:  Make new friends that have pools and boats.  No explanation needed, you know what to do.  You supply the beer, they supply the fun.
  • Go country:  Pull out your inner redneck, put on a funny outfit, and do something country.  Such as visit the race speedway, or a country music festival complete with camping.  Then, tuck those denim shorts back in the closet for another year, because that is probably enough.  The phrase is "a little bit country," not a lot, so keep it classy.
  • Summer beer flight:  Try all the tasty summer ales before they are gone for another winter!  Sam Adams Summer Ale, Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy, Lakefront Brewery Wisconsinite, and PBR in a brown paper bag.  Let's be real... the PBR is a year-round delight.

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