Sunday, July 14, 2013

This is a post about llamas.

This is a post about llamas.  I run every day (as in, every day that I run, not that I run daily) past a dairy farm and a llama farm, and I have always been fascinated in their versatility to dress in costumes and their mysterious allure.  In the spirit of Buzzfeed, I hereby give you my own list: Eight of the best llamas (or their buddies) you totally wish you had as friends.

#1: Llama Gang

Llama Gang, looking particularly "street" when they shave their necks, can keep you safe as you roam the streets at night.  Instant cred.

#2: Passively Angry Llama

This is a great alternative to the original meaning of FML.  I use it frequently!  This one is also for my friend Dave.

#3: Photo Bomba Llamas

These guys are hysterical.  This might be what the Llama Gang does before they shave their necks and roam the 'hood.

#4: Scrappy Llama

As far as I can tell, there is a reason this one is behind a fence.

#5: Spanish Llama

It is important to be cultured and understand other cultures and languages, and for llamas, this is no exception.  He is even wearing glasses to illustrate how smart he is for speaking Spanish.

#6: Activity Llama

This llama will go anywhere and do anything, just like any good friend.  He will even bring snacks.

#7: Best Friend Llamas

Speaking of friends, why not two for the price of one?

#8: Fashionista Llama

Everyone needs some fashion advice now and again, and this llama would be good to have around to talk you out of that hideous sweater.  Obviously.

Now that you know what to look for, go find some new friends. You're welcome.

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