Friday, July 26, 2013

Vending machines giving you two things instead of one, and other awesome things.

Some days I get very excited that there are other people in the world that appreciate the awesomeness of some of the little details in life.  I am glad that Neil Pasricha already wrote this book and his website so that I don't have to, and I can just enjoy his awesome things.  And they totally are.  Here are some of my favorites from the book:
  • Fixing electronics by smacking them: This makes you feel "handy" and smart.  Of course, this is the way I fix all of my electronics, so I know how awesome the feeling is when an epic smack fixes the problem.  The only other alternative, obviously, is putting your electronics in rice.
  • That friendly nod between strangers out doing the same thing: I love nodding when I am out running and I make a running friend for a quick second.  It is nice to get support, and it is short enough that they don't find out I am a complete fraud running on sausage legs.
  • Perfectly toasted toast: I do not need to explain this.
  • Watching The Price is Right when you're at home sick: There is something about a sick day that makes TPIR so much more rewarding.  All of the sudden I am an expert on the cost of Chevrolets and trips to Greece.
  • Planning for snoozes: My husband might disagree with this, but I plan a solid 30 minutes into my morning for snoozing.  That's about four extra alarms going off, but I squeeze every last minute of sleep out.  He hates it, and I am amazed he puts up with it.
Check out 1000 awesome things for some more, including:
  • Watching seniors do water aerobics
  • When a stranger laughs at a joke between you and a friend
  • The first warm day of spring
  • Car dancing
  • The person lying down at the front of the sports team photo
If you aren't taking the time to enjoy these things in your life, you are missing out!  Take a second to slow down and appreciate.

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