Monday, July 8, 2013

A blog about blogs. Blogs better than this one. You're welcome.

I am really enjoying reading some of my favorite sources for eye candy and inspiration because I am always comforted to find other people that think or feel in the same bizarre way that I do, or that I can look up literally anything.  The hubs and do about 15 combined searches a day on Wikipedia. 

Since one of my best hobbies is napping, I sometimes need inspiration for living the full life.  Here are some of my new and old favorites to read to ensure we are L-I-V-I-N.

Snippet and Ink: For the best eye candy, wedding or otherwise, check out Kathryn's blog.  The only downside about it is that I wish I could plan a wedding once a month.  There has never been better inspiration boards in the history of blogging, and this is the essence of style over just fashion.

Coco+Kelley: Speaking of style, not just fashion, I love to read Cassandra Lavalle's blog so that I can dream about being that put together.  I use her blog to peer pressure myself into taking my hot mess down a few notches.

Victor Schueller: For positivity and self help, I must recommend my friend Victor.  First, he is one of the most positive and genuine people that I know, so his attitude is legit.  When I listen to his radio podcasts for guest appearances, I am often like, oh, I don't buy into that shenanigans.  And then I am like, huh, good point.  Positude, people.

Jen Lancaster and Jenny Lawson: Jen Lancaster and Jenny Lawson's blogs, while not related, offer enough sarcasm, swearing, and better-than-fiction stories than I could ever live in a lifetime.  And believe me, I am trying to keep up.  These are for a good laugh and when your positive attitude is even annoying you.

Rick Steves' Travel Blog: Rick Steves is one magoo dude, but damn if he isn't always right.  Don't travel to Europe without Rick Steves and a nerdy back pack that you only wear with one strap.  Apparently, that is Rick's preferred method of travel, with backpack circa 1987.

22 Words: Random, fun and quirky inserts of things you never knew you needed. But you TOTALLY do.

Don't get me wrong, I am keeping up my black-belt napping skills.

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