Thursday, September 26, 2013

Expressing gratitude (and some light reading)


I think that it can be easy for us to get caught up in the mundane or the frustrating details of daily life and forget some of the unsung but positive things that happen all around us.  We can have an impact on our own happiness as well as the happiness of others by purposefully expressing gratitude in our lives.  There are a lot of great articles about the benefits of expressing gratitude, which can include a boosted immune system, stronger relationships and better sleep.  Here are a few below:

Giving thanks: The benefits of gratitude
10 Reasons Why Being Thankful is Good For You

One form of showing gratitude that I love is the revival of an old school  method: the thank you note.  I adore a fantastic set of stationary, it makes that thank you that much more special.  My notecards show my personal style with heavy cardstock, quirky patterns or pictures, a preppy letterpress monogram, or a fantastic color.  This makes me much more excited to write thank you notes,  And, I think that the recipients that have attention to detail appreciate them as well.

I have read a few interesting books about the art of writing thank you notes, and they may inspire you to splurge on some fun note cards and write some unexpected notes of gratitude.


A Simple Act of Gratitude by John Kralik is a memoir about Kralik's own difficult period in life that inspired him to write 365 thank you notes in the coming year.  The thank you notes brought about an amazing change in his life and his relationships with everyone around him.  I enjoyed the idea that the solution to a rough patch in your life is purposely bringing gratitude in others.

101 Ways To Say Thank You by Kelly Browne is a great book after you have been inspired to write a few notes.  It gives you a ton of great ideas how to write thank you notes for every occasion, and to do it with style.  I always struggle with what to say in notes that doesn't sound like the thank you card I wrote to my Grandma for my birthday gift in 8th grade.

However you do it, you might find a good lift in sharing gratitude with others, and by allowing yourself to pause and enjoy some of the little things for yourself.

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