Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not having enough hours in the day is proven to be a terrible excuse.

Via Lauren Conrad
This week has been really full of activity.  Particularly in work.  And then I get a reality check, and think about a few other people who work and live in the same universe that I live in.  I mean, honestly, there are the same number of hours in my day as there are in Beyoncé's, and Oprah's, and James Franco's, and Jennifer Lawrence's, and Barack Obama's.  And they seem pretty much like they can accomplish a lot in one day/week/month/year.  I should at least have a major motion picture or Grammy-winning album with all of the hours I have available in my day.

But alas, instead of recording about who runs the world (ahem, it is girls), I am doing other things that are important to society.  I am pretty sure that Barack Obama doesn't tap dance, and that Beyoncé doesn't get to help people in their careers at work, and that James Franco rarely has time to just lie around the house.  Actually, not having the time to do nothing sounds awful.

One of my 2014 goals is to remove the word "busy" from my vocabulary, because it adds some sort of value to the word that it doesn't deserve.  I originally had this idea after I realized by watching a co-worker buzz around that I didn't want to seem too busy to help others or do my job, and it struck me that it was "busy" that needed to be eradicated and replaced with "productive."  Then, lo and behold, this article came along by Tyler Ward: Busy Isn't Respectable Anymore

Tyler's article stated everything I was feeling better than I could have ever articulated.  He is my new favorite blogger.  I can't wait to print off his articles and posts and leave them anonymously on people's desk.  But more than anything, it was important to find support out there in the world for the feeling that I had nagging me that being busy just felt foolish and wasteful.

So I think I will keep my choices on how I spend my day, and call them my own.  If I wanted to have a less full schedule, then it is in my control.  I will let Beyoncé make the good records and Barack make the tough decisions, and be comfortable in my own skin about how I spend my 24 hours.

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