Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pivot! And other joys of moving

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We are 12 days away from moving, and the packing and furniture arranging went into full force today.  First we paid an obscene amount to 1-800-Got-Junk to haul away some of our crappy furniture and the heaviest TV you've ever seen (the Junk guy looked devastated).  Next, we moved our patio furniture which resulted in shouting and PIVOT!

I like moving every so often because it is a surefire way to keep one of my worst fears from coming true: becoming a hoarder.  I have no hoarder tendencies, that show just looks crazy.  I usually watch it on my days off to prompt me to clean immediately following the episode.  They use 1-800-Got Junk too, and now that I know the rates, I can't believe the hoarders can afford it.

I have always had a strategic brain, so combine this with a lot of moves, and you get...a black-belt ninja at packing and moving.  I like to pack the boxes like a well-planned game of Tetris.  I get to estimate the completion time of the movers, and hopefully beat my goal time.  Yes, I might as well just wear my nerd cape.

I also have a real knack for moving during inclement weather, so I can only hope the weather holds out on the two separate days we are moving.  I have two zero degree moves and a 14 inches of show day under my belt, so at this point nothing scares me.

Our new house has a staircase not unlike the one in Friends, so things might get cray.

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