Sunday, November 17, 2013

San Fran's Batkid, Dinovember, and other things to restore your faith in humans.


Holy awesome, Batman!  In case you were feeling down on the state of the world, look around you.  There are fantastic moments happening, large and small, based on the creativity, humor, and love of humans everywhere.  Here are a few of my favorite discoveries this week that restores a little bit of my faith in the human race.

Batkid: Miles Scott saves Gotham City!
San Francisco, I heart you.  This might be one of the best things I have ever seen.  The Make a Wish Foundation and the City of San Francisco did a miraculous thing and set up an entire day for five-year-old Miles Scott to save a city transformed for the day into Gotham City.  He foiled the criminal plans of the Riddler, the Penguin, and the fact that the city pulled this off to the level of detail that they did is absolutely incredible.  In a world full of absurd and sad news, this story warms my heart.

See more details and pictures here: BuzzFeed: Everything You Need to Know About Batkid

Dinovember: Parenting done right!
Who needs Elf on a Shelf when you can have Dinovember?  These parents spend their evening hours in November moving their son's dinosaurs around to the point that their son actually thinks the dino toys are alive.  Seeing is I have a sizeable dinosaur collection myself (usually used to hide in the hubs' stuff) I cannot wait to do this to my non-existent kids.  Or I could just do this to my husband.

See more great pictures here: 22 Words: Awesome dad turns November into Dinovember

Touchdown: How a Junior High football team's secret play changed everyone's outlook:
This story was originally played on CBS Evening News, but I saw it covered on one of my favorite websites, Upworthy.  This team of junior high players on the Olivet Eagles football team concocted a secret plan that even the coaches didn't know about.  The team wanted to show support for one of their very own special-needs players.  The team worked together, even choosing not to score, in order to give their player the moment of his life.  And the effect went well beyond 6 points.

Check out the news video here: Upworthy and CBS News: Teenage Football Players Do Something Unexpected

If you are looking for more great stories, the sources of these stories here are my favorite places to look! (Check out BuzzFeed, 22 Words, Mental Floss, and Upworthy websites)

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