Friday, November 8, 2013

It's Friday - Are you feeling fried?

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Ahh, T.G.I.F., right?  I know that some weeks the life is sucked out of us by the end of the week (we refer to this as "Friday Tired") and we just need a day off of work.  I ran across some nice advice to share with all of you to try and keep the happy going all week long at work.  If you are feeling like work is taking out more than it is putting in, these are a few wise reminders.

What the Happiest People do at Work - Huffington Post
A few of my favorite topics that this article covers includes these:
  • Perspective: Two different perspectives on the same thing make all the difference.  Glass-half-full anyone?  Try and find the rainbows.
  • Decorate:  Personalize your office, cubicle, whatever.  I expand this into my wardrobe of course, in a manner that makes that black leather pencil skirt look oddly appropriate for a relatively conservative corporate culture.
  • Decision-Making: I make decisions all day long at work, so I prefer not to outside of work.  Where do I want to eat dinner tonight you ask?  Don't care, just drive somewhere tasty.
10 Steps to Happiness at Work - Forbes
  • Be Super Resilient: Positive perspective comes in here as well.  However, easier said than done?
  • Conflict: There are a lot of steps listed here related to conflict with others.   I am learning more and more that most people are really bad at handling conflict, so practice your skills here.
  • Mindfulness Over Multi-Tasking: Doing a lot of things poorly never gave anyone happiness about their career or a feeling of success.  I have to stop myself frequently.
6 Ways to be Happier at Work - Huffington Post
  • Assuming Malice Instead of a Mistake: Why do people assume that when something goes wrong, that the person responsible must have been plotting the disaster the night before?  Trust is a better starting point.
  • Give Thank-You's: Thank your co-workers, they will love it and you will feel happier having delivered a warm fuzzy.
If all else fails, keep a cute-looking puppy in your drawer, and maybe some chocolate.  But not the same drawer, because dogs shouldn't eat chocolate.

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