Thursday, October 10, 2013

I might be the reason that USPS still can afford Saturday mail delivery.

I LOVE getting packages in the mail.  There are few things in the world better than getting really great mail!  This week, I am so very excited to get home, actually check the porch or the mail, and see what treasures abound.  I have an unhealthy connection to Etsy and Amazon to feed my illness.  So far this week I have received a book, a custom bracelet, and I am impatiently waiting for a new scarf.
Now, the hubs knows this about me, and he tragically likes to play a joke on me by sending packages to the house from work.  I get excited, open it up, and find only bubble wrap and an ice pack.  I am on to him now though, and I am suspect of any square-ish box of a familiar size.
This is the time of year that kicks off my mail obsession because the e-commerce universe knows when to start filling my mailbox with glorious catalogs to kick off the holiday shopping season.  I look forward to doing all of my holiday shopping online so that I have so many packages coming I don’t even know what is in them.   Especially if I employ my “one for you, one for me” shopping strategy.  I don't even care if they are for me, I just like boxes full of treasures.
I am considering recycling the bubble mailers into fake presents to send to the hubs at work.

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