Sunday, October 20, 2013

Say what you need to say, but from a good place.

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I have been feeling a little bit frustrated this week about the lack of people around me being able to share basic information with each other in the form of feedback.  I have yet to be able to understand if it is a "chicken" or an "egg" problem, meaning if people aren't comfortable giving feedback or if the problem is people aren't comfortable hearing a bit of constructive feedback.  Either way, shenanigans.

I have learned over time though education, sports, or work that it is important to provide open and honest information to others.  It is often a bit difficult to share or hear it, but saying what you mean is in fact the only way to get your point across.  Or course, you don't have to be mean while doing it.

And for that matter, you don't have to assume someone is being mean when they tell you something constructive.  Let's try this...the next time that you balk at saying what you mean, try to be straight about it.  The next time someone is straight with you, graciously say thank you.  Where would that get us as a society?  Would we be better off, or would the world implode with honesty and conflict?  I would be willing to take the chance, as long as we say it nicely.

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