Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What does it mean to "pre-board"? Do you get on before you get on?

Photo Source You Tube video - George Carlin on airline announcements
After taking a vacation that includes flights and airports, I always appreciate all of the mundane and comical things that occur.  If you have never heard George Carlin's stand-up routine talking about the hilarity of flying, you are missing out (and click the link above).  It is prior to 9-11, but still quite funny.

Here are some of my observations, and matching commentary, from this week's escapade:
  1. Socks and sandals: While I understand the logic about the "functionality" of socks and sandals through airport security, it doesn't make it any more socially-suggested.
  2. Luggage: Where is this guy going with a guitar and a cat?  The obvious answer is Denver (the destination of his flight), but what is his master plan? 
  3. Paging last call: I saw a guy miss a flight - by a long shot.  How do you miss a flight in MKE?  There are only tens of people in the airport at any given time.
  4. Carry-ons: Whoa.  Did you know that some airlines are charging for sodas and carry-on luggage now?  Soon it will be cheaper for me to buy all toiletries and clothes when I arrive at my destination and travel luggage-free.
  5. Security: Moving through security is an art form, and my favorite game.  Try and get behind middle-aged business men, they are security ninjas.  Thank you, middle-aged white guy for adding those easy in-and-out lace locks on your bright white New Balance sneakers.
I love people-watching in airports.  The international terminal at Chicago O'Hare airport is easily my favorite place to casually gawk, but Milwaukee and Denver will have to do this week.  I still got to see an Ace Ventura look-alike, enough socks and sandals to last a lifetime, and plenty of wonderful people that held doors, said "go ahead first," and made sure we made it everywhere safely.  Which, with our travels into flooded Colorado, was all that we really needed. Thanks, world.

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