Monday, September 9, 2013

This is like my Vietnam.

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Now that everyone's hurt feelings from Sunday's game day have subsided, I have a bone to pick.  I do like football, or I would if we didn't make it ridiculous at every possible turn.  All in good humor, let's look at some of the absurdity that is unique to football season:
  • NFL RedZone (see above):  It is like when football has a seizure on screen and puts four games on the screen at once.  This must be how men feel about the show The View when the hosts are just talking over each other constantly.
  • ESPN Goal Line: College football was my one refuge from NFL RedZone.  Thanks a lot, ESPN for crossing that final frontier.
  • Fantasy Football Drafts: "We just need to be home by 7:15, because I have a draft."  You better at least have a good team name.
  • Commentators: They always stand around an a green floor painted like a field, but they don't actually do anything with it.  It would be much more entertaining if they could channel the "Men on Football" sketch from In Living Color.
I have to make fun of my husband a little bit, as he spent much of game day going back and forth with a friend making a fake fantasy draft using only football player characters from movies.  At least he drafted Rod Tidwell so that we could show him the money.  I can't decide if this is totally genius or ridiculous.  All joking aside, this must be why no other county seems to really get football.
'Murica.  Let's eat some chili cheese dip and do it all over again next week.

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