Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New music to check out.

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I love music.  This must be what people feel about cigarettes when they smoke a pack a day.

I very much dislike getting in a music rut, so I am proactive to find new music all of the time to avoid this problem.  Some of my favorite ways to find new music include the following:
  • Switching to a new station on the radio, Sirius XM especially if you have it, because it is arranged by genre
  • Music choice stations: Do you ever check out those cable TV stations? A few gems here and there.
  • Pandora or Songza: Try different stations and let it ride.
  • 88.9 RadioMilwaukee: New music Wednesdays in the evening are fun, and a good source for eclectic new tunes.
  • iTunes research: Dig deep in the "other artists you may like information"
But, in case you don't have time to do the leg work, you can check out these new favorites of mine:
  • If you like Bon Iver, try King and Cross, "Asgeir"
  • If you like Jack Johnson, try Michael Franti, "Life is Better With You"
  • If you like female singer/songwriter, try Sonsick, "San Fermin"
  • If you like covers, try Jake Shimabukuro, "In My Life" or Nouvelle Vague, "Blue Monday"
  • If you like Prince, try, well, Prince, "Breakfast Can Wait"
Enjoy!  Now, if you could do me a solid, leave a comment with any good tunes for suggestions below.

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