Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The worst advice I may ever give you.


Ah, the funny things that we can do to friends that can take it.  This may not be the most sound advice, but for the tens of people who are going to read it I assume that you can exercise good judgment.
I like to only surround myself with people who can take a good joke.  The most edgy comedic friends that I have of course occasionally cross the line, but that is what makes them so funny 99% of the rest of the time.  These fun ideas are only for those friends that can hack it.  And if you don’t find these things amusing, perhaps you need to get funnier.
I love these friends here – these are the people that you need to get you through the tough things like 13 or more miles.  These are not my friends, but I think that we would be if we knew each other.  You could give comedic support at lots of other events, but try and avoid weddings and funerals because people take that shit very seriously.
A nice way to show your friends your funny side is to write well-crafted passive aggressive notes.  Here are some tips to hone your writing skills.

Now, I cannot reiterate enough that this advice is only for funny people, and I am not responsible for broken relationships because you tried something edgy with a marginally funny person and they got mad.  You have been warned.  On the flip side, please maximize your funny with those who can take it!  You will be funnier for it.

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