Sunday, August 18, 2013

What just happened? I blacked out...

Mashed Cauliflower
What happened?  I blacked out.  All of the sudden I woke up and I had made all sorts of delicious dishes.  I would say that stay-at-home Sunday was a success.  Here are the enjoyable and healthy treasures that I whipped up today.
Mashed cauliflower (above): Tastes like mashed potatoes, but without the carbs.  Cauliflower and garlic steamed with some seasoning and Greek yogurt.  I heart food processors.
Parmesan zucchini
Parmesan zucchini: Zucchini, olive oil, seasoning, and fresh grated parmesan.  Summer veggies rejoice!
Meatloaf in a cup
Meatloaf cups: Rachael Ray told me I was supposed to frost my meat muffins with mashed potatoes, but I went rogue.  Cauliflower was a better choice to try today.
Fennel and tomato salad
Fennel and tomato salad:  This one is just for me since the hubs doesn't really like any of these ingredients.  This is what I call, "eating down the fridge."  I was inspired by a "Chopped" episode where they used basic ingredients in their baskets that other people might throw away.
Watermelon cupcakes
Watermelon cupcakes: These cupcakes are more for novelty than flavor, and are not watermelon flavored (that could get weird) but just look like watermelons.  White cake, food coloring, and mini chocolate chips.  I felt it was time to pay back the ladies at work that have basically fed me for two weeks straight.
Watermelon cupcakes
I don't think I have cooked that much in a full day ever.  In full disclosure, I have to give credit to the hubs for (1) mixing the meatloaf mix seeing as I would rather go hungry than touch ground meat, (2) cleaning the entire kitchen and dishes, twice, and (3) being open minded to eating the food that I make, which often does not end well.  Luckily, they all turned out well and we didn't have to use the emergency frozen pizza that I always keep on hand.

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