Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Running with the cows: The importance of finding workout buddies

Elsa and Hattie
It seems only fair at this point to introduce the cows to you, since you read so much about them.  In full disclosure, those are totally made-up names, but since they don't know the difference I just say "Hi Elsa" or "Hi (other cow name)" when I run by with a wave, and they seem to be fine with that.

Seeing as I am naturally a slightly anti-social introvert (Reference "Problems only introverts understand"), I want to share the top reasons why dairy farm denizens are my favorite running buddies:
  1. I can't talk them out of a workout: The cows are always there, and I can't convince them to skip a day.  So then I just feel bad if I don't show up.
  2. They comment on my running outfits: They LOVE yellow.  No one at the gym moos at my fashion choices.
  3. They are good dancers: They always find a way to chew or bop their heads to whatever music is playing on my iPod.  They seem to favor "Dancing on the Ceiling," by Lionel Richie.
Bulah and Alfred

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