Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to drum up the best kind of nonsense

I do like nonsense.  Color is better than black and white, funny is better than serious, and joyous shenanigans is better than the status quo.  Sometimes I have to temper my nonsense for those who are not prepared to handle it, and that is ok.  However, a good friend today reminded me about the importance of "just being myself," and I appreciated the small nudge that I have the free reign to bring nonsense to other people, even if they aren't sure how to receive it, and we are probably all still better off.

I think back to one of my favorite moments of nonsense, a prank that is only meant for joy.  Years ago I lived down the street from a house that was clearly inhabited by a lady that REALLY liked flamingos.  I have never met her, but it was clear by her yard that this was her collection of choice.  One night once it was dark, I went down and put a family of new plastic flamingos in her yard that I bought from the store for this exact reason.  I would have loved to see her face when she noticed them.  (Incidentally, this is also a good harmless prank to do to your friends' yards, but this lady would have genuinely liked them)

The idea of bringing small pieces of joy and nonsense to peoples' lives is best illustrated in one of my favorite films. If you haven't seen it, get over your fear of subtitles and get with it:

This is also where my love of gnomes comes from.  Amelie takes her dad's garden gnome in the middle of the night and sends it around the world with a flight attendant friend in order to convince her dad that the gnome was traveling the world, and so he should too.
The point is, strike up some nonsense.  And yes, I am going to take my own advice.

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