Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life is a sitcom, or sometimes a quirky British comedy.

Mr. Bean, via tvrage.com
The reason that I often feel the need to "soundtrack my life"  is because there are so many moments when I realize the ridiculous humor of my day.  Small snippets that could easily be part of a TV sitcom, and often better than fiction.  Today was one of those days.  I know what Mr. Bean must feel like.

I seriously have to question sometimes whether or not I am living in a TV show that I am unaware of, like when Jim Carrey was part of a never-ending channel in "The Truman Show" that lasted his entire life.  If people around me start to do commercials of every day products while we are having a conversation, I will be on to their game.

Here were some of the humorous things that happened to and around me today:

The man in the "business casual" lederhosen look: As I am driving to work downtown Milwaukee early in the morning before most of the business world has stirred up, a man passing off some cargo shorts, short-sleeved dress shirt, and suspenders with an incredible beard made it look like a native German had to take to the city.  I loved it.

The karma of hurry up and wait: So I am standing behind this guy at the Kwik Trip trying my hardest to get out quickly before I break down and buy some blueberry cake donuts.  The man in front of me was the change-digging, "no that's the wrong price", slow-as-molasses guy at the checkout.  I found this humorous and ironic that he was the exact person behind me back on the highway and he could barely stand the fact that my 12 mph was not fast enough for him.  I slowed to eight over to get him back for making me buy a donut.

Neck spider: I am driving today, when the biggest daddy long legs spider CRAWLS UP MY NECK.  I am not sure how I did not crash, seeing as I am particularly ticklish in my neck area.  The turtlenecks are getting dusted off tomorrow, I don't care if it is 90 degrees.

Runaway grape: I was in one of the really nice conference rooms with a few co-workers on a conference call webinar.  While I probably should not have been eating grapes in the meeting, I dropped a grape that rolled away in the middle of the meeting, never to be heard from again.  I looked and looked while trying to pretend I was stretching and looking casual, but after a while I just had to hope no one stepped on it.  At least my husband would be happy to know that he is not the only victim of my grape shrapnel.

I am really just blogging until I find out that I have been on TV this whole time, or until someone realizes that they should pay me for the rights to a movie/mini-series/book deal about the funny and mundane.  Meh, it was probably a better show when it was called Seinfeld.

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