Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Pop of Joy Official Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Not many things bring me as much joy as choosing the right gift for someone, and the Christmas season is the best time to get my gifting on.  In fact, picking the perfect gift for someone is way more rewarding than receiving gifts, and the receiver can see that you gave some thought and love their way.  Here are some of my favorite gift ideas this year, in case you are still looking to pick up a few items this season.

For Classy Ladies:
This tray is so cute - Mark and Graham has awesome monogram gifts, and this is a versatile tray that can last a long time.  A bit high-end, so look for knockoffs if you can't spring for the real thing here.

Photo via MarkandGraham.com

I bought these for myself during a moment of weakness in the "impulse purchase bins" while standing in line at Sephora last year, and I am so glad I did.  They have them this year as well, so march right in the store and just get in line to shop.
Photo via Popsugar.com

I often can't help but buy a few things for myself when I find cool gifts for others.  This was one of the "one for you, one for me" gifts of last year.  Very sturdy, good size and shape, great adjustable strap that can be worn cross body, and super cute colors.
Photo via Westelm.com

For People Who Like Fun:

I don't need to tell you why this is cute.  Plant sold separately.
Photo via CB2.com

This is the ultimate rubber chicken gift (that is, other than incessantly chickening people year round).  I hope my sister is ready for her wine to be super-chickened in a few days.
Photo via Fredandfriends.com


I know a lot of people whose problems would be solved with this wine container that holds an entire bottle of wine.  Poolside, picnics, shenanigans, you name it.
Photo via flask2go.com

This is available for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but also for Madison.  The tin includes coaster gift cards for $10 off your $25 bill at 20 Milwaukee area restaurants.  I will note that the list of restaurants in the tin is legit, and a fine selection by the tin creators.
Photo via Citytins.com


Less stuff - Want, Need, Wear, Read
This was a concept shared with me this year (Thanks, Kathryn!) and I think it is a great idea, especially for young children.  Buy only four items, one item for each category listed.  This helps you and your child prioritize what is really important and what they really want the most.

Make a gift out of a family vacation, special day, or other experiences.  Or, buy something that the family can use to make memories or experiences.  One mom I know is picking up a "Go Pro" camera as a family gift, and think of all of the fun things that can come of that with the family!

Okay, if you need more than those four items, check out the Kiwi Crate.  It is a box shipped to your child (age range is 3-8 years) once a month with fun activities in different themes.  You can buy a subscription, a single box activity, holiday boxes, or other smaller items.
Photo via kiwicrate.com


I think that handmade or "hand assembled" gifts are always a nice way to put a personal touch on a gift.  I love a good themed basket or kit for a gift, it is a great way to put together some smaller items and make it feel really thoughtful.  This list from the berry.com is one of my favorite lists of basket ideas for all year round.  The key is throughout the year when you see containers or baskets on sale or clearance, snatch them up so you have a few on hand to make a basket when you need it.  World Market is also a great source for cheap basket and wrap kits in a pinch.

Photo via theberry.com

There you have it!  Only 8 more shopping days before Christmas, so this is your last chance for online shopping without paying a ton for shipping.  Go get 'em, tiger.

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