Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Madison Restaurant Review: Jacs Dining and Tap House

Jacs Mac & Cheese
We took a trip out to Madison, Wisconsin to visit some local friends and taste some of the local fare.  Madison has no shortage of great restaurants, and Jacs Dining and Tap House is no exception.
Below are the menu items that we tried:
  • ROASTED BEET SALAD: Red beet, chèvre, red onion, walnut, mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette, baguette
  • BOURBON BURGER: Grilled Strauss Farms ground beef, bacon, muenster, fried onions, tomato, romaine, sweet bourbon aioli, ciabatta
  • SMOKED SALMON BLT: Cherrywood-smoked bacon, smoked salmon, romaine, tomato, classic aioli, Texas wheat
  • FRITES: Hand-cut French fries, classic aioli, with the sauce trio: cranberry mayo, sage aioli & house BBQ
  • PHEASANT FLATBREAD: Smoked pheasant, wild mushrooms, leek, parmesan
  • MOULES ET FRITES: Prince Edward Island mussels, baguette, Garlic-Chardonnay sauce
  • MAC & CHEESE: Jones Dairy Farm ham, bacon, Swiss and Cheddar cheese, parmesan bread crumbs
Everything was delicious!  In addition, this was a "top 5" mac and cheese performance for me.  The noodles cheese, and crispy breadcrumb toppings were all great, and ham and bacon always help.
There are also delicious craft cocktails and gluten-free menu options for the booze hounds and celiacs of the world.
Make this a stop on your list for casual food in Madison, and not terribly far from Camp Randall in case you are in town for a football game.  On Wisconsin!

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