Sunday, November 10, 2013

I'm Not a Cheerleader, I'm a Mascot.

Someone at work recently told me that some ladies were discussing me and they commented that I must have been a cheerleader previously. I understand why they would think that on account of my incessant smiling and ongoing effort to raise the energy in the room.  However, this is not an accurate assumption.  No disrespect to any current or former cheerleaders, but it just has never been my thing personally.  I would, however, give my right arm to be a mascot.

Mascots are hilarious and fascinating, and basically one-person theater shows.  Mascots even go to mascot camp to learn how to walk, cry, fight, and basically be awesome.  Check out this clip from Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel:
I have been in love with mascots for years.  Milwaukee Brewers sausage races, mascot soccer games, or watching Bucky beat up the visiting team mascot has been a way of life.  I would be most happy to cheer on the team (not unlike a cheerleader) but do that in between expressing my emotions mascot-style rather than in between some high kicks.
Mascots bring such joy, don't they?  Here is a fun Big 10 mascot video to make your day:
So please, don't consider me a cheerleader... I am a mascot at heart.  On Wisconsin!

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