Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Congress, you suck. We want our dignity back.

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Here is a recent photo of Congress.  An over-the-top cartoon story about petulant toddlers.

No seriously, Congress is an embarrassment, and a recent poll shows that 90% of you agree with me (Forbes.com).  There are two things happening this week that are deeply concerning, and it is important to make sure that everyone is educated on the issues to make an informed decision.

First, the government shut down is unnecessary and has been used as a campaign topic and plan since 2010 of some conservative leaders.  This was a strategy long before any of the reasons that are being thrown around for having a shutdown in the first place.

Second, is the concerning trend that there is a disparity in the polls between the support of Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act.  And here is where it get's tricky: IT IS THE SAME THING.  Check out this clip from Jimmy Kimmel to see people's differing opinions between the two:
Jimmy Kimmel Asks Peoples' Opinions on Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act

Enough of the groupthink - lets learn the facts, and make educated decisions and grown-up discussions.

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