Friday, October 18, 2013

Combat Carl Weathers: A before and after

Okay, this is too funny not to share.  The hubs and I were watching the "Toy Story of Terror!" 30 minute special (because we think that talking toys are amusing), and we found a certain character particularly interesting.  Meet Combat Carl.

We thought it was so funny that his name was Carl and he had no hand, because this was reminiscent of the character Chubbs in "Happy Gilmore" played by Carl Weathers.  You remember..."God damn alligator bit my hand off!"

As we kept watching, we thought, that sounds a lot like Carl Weathers too.  After some careful research, we can confirm that Combat Carl with one hand is in fact Carl Weathers.  Therefore, the before and after, Combat Carl Weathers.  You can't tell me the people at Pixar didn't know that.  We got the joke, Pixar - well played.

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