Sunday, August 25, 2013

Food phases: What do you mean I shouldn't eat a bag of grapes in one sitting?

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This is not me, but this is how I look when I eat grapes.  Like, all of the time.  I tend to only want to eat a handful of foods at any given time (e.g. about five things), and in my world we refer to these as "food phases."
As a result, the hubs and I have to frequently do what we call "choose your own adventure" for dinner because he doesn't always want to eat pizza for five days or only eat grapes for dinner.  The food phases do tend to have a seasonal effect to them.  For example, most summer I single handedly keep the blueberry sales afloat, but as soon as they get scarce, caramel apple season gets into full swing.
And go big or go home, I say.  When I say I really only want to eat those foods, I mean it.  I am not making this up when I tell you that I eat a pint of blueberries every day.  Currently, these are the five things I am eating:
  1. Blueberries: Lots of them.  Instead of cereal I dump the whole pint of blueberries in a bowl and pour milk on them. You're welcome, Michigan.
  2. Frozen pizza:  And by frozen pizza I mean Palermo's sausage with the little tomato pieces.
  3. Jamwiches: This is a J-Ra (the hubs) original of itty bitty sandwiches made with big Wheat Thins and a key ingredient, strawberry jalapeno jam.  And that's reason #486 why I married him.
  4. Grapes: This is a bit of a year round item, but I certainly look like that kid in the picture.  I ate a whole bag of grapes yesterday until the hubs guilted me into saving him one bunch.
  5. Hot fudge sundae with cherry topping: This is why I have to go running.
By all means this will give way to a caramel apple phenomenon the minute they start hand dipping them at the grocery stores.  The good news, is that I have an inside track to the people that make the caramel apples now, so this season is going... to get...cray.  Stay tuned.

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