Monday, July 15, 2013

Soundtrack Your Life

I've posted before that one of my favorite things is to pretend to soundtrack my life, and I am totally one of those people who are affected by the meaning of music.  Here are a few new or old favorites that you might enjoy to soundtrack your own life.  Sometimes it is just fun to pretend that someone made a movie about you, and that it was the most epic. soundtrack. ever.

If you want to dance around the house:
  • Electric Feel, by MGMT - A feel-good dreamy little tune.  Perfect for those of you whose only method of dance is the bounce and sway.
  • You Make My Dreams, Hall and Oates - Worthy of a choreographed flash mob in the park a la "500 Days of Summer."
  • Dancing on the Ceiling, by Lionel Richie - Just go for it, you know you want to.

If you are feeling melancholy:
  • Gravity, by Sara Bareilles - A song about not being able to let go of something you should.
  • Endless Melody, by Clarensau - Pretty much the whole album is mellow and sad (but not all), and that is why it is great.
  • This Isn't Everything You Are, by Snow Patrol - A good reminder that you aren't only your mistakes.

If you want happy music:
  • No Rain, by Blind Melon - This is my all-time favorite happy song, and it just won't quit.
  • Feel It All Around, by Washed Out - Chill, but pleasant and content with itself.  And yes, you did recognize it from the introduction to the show "Portlandia."
  • Don't Stop Believin', by Journey - Cue the fist pump.

If you are angry:
  • Long Way Down, by Goo Goo Dolls - This is the power song on my Nike Running playlist, and I push it when I am angry that I have to keep running.
  • Sabotage, by Beastie Boys - I don't like to listen to this in the car because it makes me speed 20 miles over the limit.

If you want to feel love:
  • Young and Beautiful, by Lana Del Rey (on The Great Gatsby soundtrack) - A beautiful new song that is the essence of a good Baz Luhrmann crazy soundtrack.
  • You Are the Best Thing, by Ray LaMontagne - Pure, joyous love, and the damn truth.
  • In Your Eyes, by Peter Gabriel (New Blood Orchestra version) - A new version of an old favorite, and the orchestra is awesome.

If you are working out, or need to get pumped up:
  • Right Now, by Van Halen - This song personally got me through 8 years of swim practices.
  • I Can Transform Ya, by Chris Brown - Black card, they won't decline that.
  • Stronger, by Kanye West - Good pace, just enough gangsta, not to be confused with Kelly Clarkson.
  • Live Like a Warrior, by Matisyahu - A reminder to live life as you want to, and it is not about others.  Give yourself some credit.

If you are looking for a good beat:
  • Royals, by Lorde - This girl is sixteen and from New Zealand, check it.  I want tigers on a gold leash too.
  • Disparate Youth, by Santigold - Good introduction, synthpop borderline dub-step (which is my most recent favorite genre) by a cool chick from Philly.

If you just need a good cover:
  • 99 Problems, by Hugo - Don't forget to stomp your country foot.
  • Somebody That I Used to Know, by Walk Off the Earth - Fun to sing to, and you know the words because of the overplayed Gotye version.  Even if you don't admit it, you know them.  This could also fit the "angry" category, with the "relationships" sub-category.
  • Wonderwall, by Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams is a cult favorite that can do no wrong, and this is no exception.

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