Sunday, July 28, 2013

Milwaukee Restauranting: Wolf Peach review

The hubs and I like to try different restaurants in the city, and I also like to pass on this information to others so you can make educated decisions for your dining experience.  Our most recent stop was at Wolf Peach restaurant near Brewers' Hill in Milwaukee, located in the old Roots restaurant location.

The décor and food is described as "rustic European," and the service style is "como viene" where they basically bring out the food as soon as it is ready, and all dishes are meant to be shared in a communal fashion.

Here is what we ordered:
  • Watermelon Salad: Watermelon salad, mizuna, feta, pistachios, coriander & brown butter vinaigrette
  • Fried Broccoli: Fried broccoli, parmesan, pickled jalapeño aioli
  • Hawaiian Blue Marlin Sashimi: Sashimi of Hawaiian blue marlin, banana peppers, garlic oil, cilantro, grilled peaches
  • Pork Sausage Wood-Fired Pizza: Pork sausage, tomatoes, mozzarella, onions, fennel, pecorino, fennel pollen
For dessert, we tried the chocolate polenta cake with salted caramel ice cream and caramel sauce and the zucchini bread french toast with a sort of fruit compote.  Both were delicious as well.  To see the full Wolf Peach menu, click here.

Overall, the food and the craft cocktails were very good, but overall the service bothered me.  The servers were nice, but there were a few key details that detracted from the experience.  First, they neglected to bring out new plates with every dish that they brought out, nor did they notice that this was an issue so I had to ask for new plates.  For example, my little plate covered in marlin sashimi and olive oil was not the appropriate spot for my pizza.  Also, I didn't like the t-shirts the servers were wearing, and they almost felt too casual.  I know that sounds minor, but we both actually picked up on the weirdness of it so I know it was not just me!  I would also note that the volume level was somewhat loud in the dining room.

I would certainly go back, but I don't feel the need to do so.  I miss Roots a little bit.

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