Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to chicken someone, and other good pranks

In the spirit of inserting more fun into work or home, I suggest that you start upping your game on pranking.  It is awesome.  You are missing out if you are not pranking people.  To be clear, I do not mean pranks that are harmful or embarrassing, because then you will just feel bad about it later.  But the harmless ones on people with even a small sense of humor is a hobby worth cultivating.

First, as I have mentioned in other posts, my favorite calling card in the rubber chicken.  In the most amazing showing of love and appreciation for my antics, the hubs bought me Santa Chicken (pictured above) as a stocking stuffer last year.  This is of course something that is hidden, often under pillows or in the shower, all year long.  I usually accompany the prank with a verse of the song "Santa Chicken," also know as the "Santa Baby" tune with different words.  Once the hubs got me back really well when I slept unknowingly on top Santa Chicken for hours and then screamed when I realized that I was under attack.

My day to day prank, though, is of course hiding miniature rubber chickens in people's stuff.  Or adding it to a tip for a funny waitress.  This prank runs in the family, and my sister usually gets me at the holidays when I am distracted and she puts chickens in my shoes.  Curses, just when I am feeling full, and tired, and safe.  The first time I chickened the hubs I put one in his bag of Chex Mix and he almost ate it.  That would have been a tragic and early end to our love affair, and he was not amused.

Here are some other good ideas:


Putting things in Jello is as awesome as it looks.  I did not pull this one off, but someone did it to me, and I was impressed.  Yes, that is a gnome.  I leave gnomes in my office so that they do my work at night when I am gone, but so far they appear to be the laziest bunch of garden freaks I have ever met.  Don't Jello anything valuable, that violates the "do no harm" rule, as that gnome could not be saved.

Office reversal or foiling:
We once covered everything in my boss's office with aluminum foil, and I mean everything. Piles of papers on his desk, chairs, even the push pins on the bulletin board were individually wrapped.  The sweater on the back of his door looked like left-over pork chops still hanging up.  I only wish I still had a photo to show you.  On a separate occasion, we completely reversed his office and all of the furniture, pictures, etc.  He either was lazy or liked it, because it stayed that way for years.  The challenge is to get everything as close to mirror image as possible.

Hotel mummy:

Can't wait to try this one on my next hotel stay.  While I won't be there to see the maid's reaction, I can relish in my imagination that it will be immediate fear, followed by confusion, followed by laughter.  This could be equally funny if you ever stay overnight on a visit with your parents.

Saran wrap:

Saran wrapping anything is funny.  Best choices are an office desk, car, or other things around the house.  I hope to do all of my husbands' shoes next.  I hope he didn't read this.

Other than this, you could always leave funny things in public places around town.  Lionel could bring people joy anywhere...

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