Thursday, July 4, 2013

Drink Wisconsinbly


Ahh, summer.  The best time of year in Wisconsin where there are always outdoor festivals where local denizens find any reason at all to wander around and drink beer in the streets.  However, the locals know that there is more to do than just Summerfest in town.  Here are a few of my favorites if you are looking for something to do.

  • June, Locust Street Festival of Music and Art: This street festival is in one of the most colorful neighborhoods of Milwaukee in River West and includes an amazing 1.8k beer run with beer instead of water to rehydrate and a great selection of reggae, blues, brass band, and other eclectic music.  Check out the casual side of MKE.

  • July, Bastille Days: Complete with beignets, mimes, and a fun 5k night run called "Storm the Bastille."  Best food and unique music in the city on Cathedral Square in downtown Milwaukee.  We prefer to dress as Frenchmen before running through the streets.

  • August, Lebowski Fest Milwaukee: This is a festival that actually is available across the country, and I am so excited to try it for the first time this year in August.  Where else can you get a movie screening, bowling, and white Russians all in one place?  Exactly.
Lebowski Fest Milwaukee
Poster by Bill Green

While these are some unique favorites, there are amazing festivals for nearly every local ethnicity and church in the area.  If you just want some good local food and music, you can find a festival any weekend!  For more information on some MKE festivals, click here: Milwaukee Festival Guide, 2013

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